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Lila Downs - Una Sangre (One Blood)


A Mexican-born/American-raised/Deadhead takes a fresh look at the folk music of her mother’s culture.

Lila gained attention for her role in, and musical contributions to, Frida, the film based on the life of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

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Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass - Passages



Passages is a collaborative chamber music studio album co-composed by Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass, released in 1990 through Atlantic Records. The album's content is a hybrid of Hindustani classical music and Glass' distinct American minimal contemporary classical style. The album reached a peak position of number three on Billboard's Top World Music Albums chart.

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Tengri - Icaros



Tengri's debut album 'Icaros' explores the worlds of downtempo psychedelic trance, while keeping a strong link to our collective ethnic heritages.

Designed to transport you to another world, where haunting melodies and stereo effects are intricately woven over softly pulsating bass lines and rich soundscapes, 'Icaros' is a beautiful example of top-notch production.

Inspired by the rich cultural traditions of consciousness-altering rhythms that exist worldwide, 'Icaros' is the perfect companion to guide you through the inner realms of your own shamanic journeys.

A splendid collection of hypnotic and meditative yet uplifting sounds, 'Icaros' will cleanse, relax, groove and put a smile on your face!

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