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Vollmond Music from the Dance Theatre of Pina Bausch (2008)

Pina Bausch Vollmond


Created in 2006 as a tribute to Thomas Erdos, the agent, confidant and counsellor of Pina Bausch,
Vollmond accentuates the profound humanity of dancers of all ages and origins as they portray solitude,
the desire for love, laughter and tears, unfeeling apathy and startling vitality. Poignant,dizzying and
amazing solos are danced on a bare proscenium. These alternate with encounters, games of sensual or
playful seduction and comical theatre sketches amidst Peter Pabst’s amazing set design.
Centred round a huge lunar-like rock, Bausch’s cherished theme of water surges and resurges. A lake
appears, and a dancer floats by on an airbed while others swim. Under intermittent rain, the performers
fight and frolic as water falls in a downpour or as a fine drizzle. Like a pagan ritual, the piece
ketches powerful images whereby “Pina Bausch portrays a dream of life where reality and fairy-tale
worlds are compatible.
PINA BAUSCH (1940-2009)
Pina Bausch was one of the dominant figures of dance of the past four decades, an artist who
made an immense contribution to the influential dance-theatre movement. Starting in 1976 she
dismantled the usual codes of dance composition, presenting puzzles of discontinuous narration
where dance alternated with acting.
In 1973 Pina Bausch became artistic director of the Wuppertal Opera Ballet, an institution that she
renamed Tanztheater Wuppertal two years later, instigating a veritable revolution with the advent of
the dance-theatre movement. Based in an industrial city in the North Rhine-Westphalia region, the
company performs some thirty shows a year there, in addition to its many performances abroad. 29 of the 42 pieces in her repertoire are still performed.